On this section of my website you can listen to sounds from China. Have fun!


Internet Cafe in Chongqing OR The Sound of Warcraft in China. Young guys are crazy about playing “Warcraft” in internet cafes in Chongqing. Recorded in July 2005.

A newspaper stand at AnDingMen. Newspaper stands often have advertisement announcing the newspapers that they sell.

Senior Beijingers playing music at Houhai. Although it sounds a bit off, senior men have lots of fun getting together and playing music at the lake in Houhai. Recorded in Beijing, spring 2005.

Local dialect in Hunan. Some dialects in China are so different from Mandarin that even native speakers don’t understand a word. This dialect is spoken in a small town in Hunan province only. The telephone conversation is about making Coca-Cola Chicken. If you understand Mandarin you might be able to guess the word for “Kelaji” (Coca-Cola Chicken, which by the way tastes excellent). Beijing, July 2005.

Taiwanese Cafe with Swings at Qianmen, Beijing. April, 2005

Tibetan Restaurant with Life Performance. This was audio-taped at a Tibetan restaurant in Beijing (2005/05/06)

A hotpot place close to the “Red Pig” (near Wudaokou). Beijing, August 2005.

The sound of MaJiang (a popular Chinese game). MaJiang is quite noisy when mixing the stones. Beijing, June 2005.

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